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Local Notary Services

1) Norman’s Tags and Title

0.17 Miles Away (410) 828-8247 1515 York Rd Towson, MD 21204

2) The UPS Store

0.54 Miles Away (410) 560-4900 1810 York Rd Ste J Lutherville, MD 21093

3) Translations-24-7

1.64 Miles Away (410) 882-8721 1818 Pot Spring Rd Ste 18 Baltimore, MD 21093

4) The Law Office of Stephen P Shepard, LLC

1.65 Miles Away (410) 648-4008 303 W Pennsylvania Ave Towson, MD 21204

5) The UPS Store

2.54 Miles Away (410) 683-1303 9805 York Rd Ste B Cockeysville, MD 21030

6) The UPS Store

2.94 Miles Away (928) 343-0026 2554 W 16th St Yuma, AZ 85364

7) Parkville Tag & Title

5.27 Miles Away (410) 668-9600 8703 Harford Rd Parkville, MD 21234

8) 24 Hour Notary Of Marylard

5.93 Miles Away (443) 627-1686 Baltimore, MD 21214

9) The UPS Store

6.11 Miles Away (410) 910-9651 711 W 40th St Ste 153 Baltimore, MD 21211

10) Cavacos Theodore A

6.47 Miles Away (410) 467-6888 1001 W 36th St Baltimore, MD 21211

What Do You Need For Notarization In Lutherville, Maryland?

Notary services in Maryland are available to help you with signing contracts, power of attorney, wills, affidavits, deeds, and other common legal documents. The fraud deterrence provided by a Notary helps all parties entering into a legal agreement stay protected and avoid bad outcomes.

Always check with your selected Notary service prior to your visit to ensure any specific requirements for your state are met. In general, the following things are needed:

  • A Valid government issued ID, like a passport, drivers license, military ID, green card, etc.
  • Assurance that you're signing of your own free will (no coercion).
  • You must be of sound mind, meaning not intoxicated, medicated, or incapable of understanding what's going on.
  • Some documents may require a witness who isn't an interested party (not mentioned in the document).
  • Bring every page of the document (not just the signature pages), and don't sign it ahead of time!

Notarization F.A.Q

Q: How Much Does Notarization Cost?

Notaries can charge a nominal fee for each signature, the maximum of which depends on the state. Typical price range is anywhere from $2-$20. Check with them ahead of time for exact costs.

Q: Can You Notarize Over The Phone?

While some states are expanding their remote online notarization programs, these basically always require real time video communication rather than a traditional telephone. Check with your Notary to be sure, but expect that the answer will be no.

Q: What Forms Of ID Are Accepted

Check with your notary ahead of time, but government issued IDs including Drivers Licenses, Passports, Military ID, Green Cards are commonly accepted. Make sure it has a photo, and remember it's at their discretion to refuse to notarize if they aren't convinced of your identity.

Q: Can A Document Be Notarized Without Being Physically Present?

Remote or Online Notarization is a viable option in some states that's gaining significant traction even prior to COVID-19. Check for state specific guidelines with your Notary.